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Rani Shahenshah Begum, from Nasima Aziz, A mesh of memories. Interesting reminiscences of bygone days of Lucknow


575 Nasima Aziz, A mesh of memories

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Nawab Raj Begum Sahiba of Awadh. Born 1832. Wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Sahib.


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Muhammad ali Shah (ruled 1837-42) wearing the crown of the Nawabs of Awadh as depicted in the Nawabs' coats of arms


Silver Lucknow Royal Emblem

Rare images document the centuries-long history of Africans in India. The man appears to be wearing the nawab's crown, but which nawab is he?

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Portrait of Princess Rafat Zamani Begum, c. 1960. Portrait of Princess Rafat Zamani Begum of Rampur (1907-1987), wife of Nawab Raza Ali Khan, taken by the famous Kinsey Brothers studio of Delhi. Part of her garment is the typical Farshi pyjama, worn by Muslim women between the 17th and 20th centuries, entailing a two-legged skirt that fell to the ankles and then trailed the floor. It required the wearer to fold parts of it over the left arm while standing or walking.


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Wajid Ali Shah : The Star Still Shines

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Lucknow | लखनऊ | لکھنؤ

George Duncan Beechey (1798-1852), Portrait of Begum of Oudh, Lucknow, India, circa 1840. Photo courtesy Amir Mohtashemi.


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