Purely simple and marvelous.

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beautiful, simply beautiful.

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If ever there were a locomotive that would make a train buff turn his head and go "IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?!" this is it.

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those who are familiar with Thomas and Friends will most likely only recognize this as 'Henry'.

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One of the less famous 'switchers' of it's era.

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If this thing were ever forced to work on a mainline... it would be "The little engine that couldn't and exploded for being over worked."

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For those who have not seen the civil war movie "The General" I very much encourage you to. I'd do absolutely anything to be Buster Keaton for a day... minus the makeup.

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The 4-4-2's were the first to have trailing wheels. (The 2 under the cab and firebox) Meaning you could have a bigger firebox.

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Worlds fastest steam locomotive holds the record of 127 mph.

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