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Who doesn’t like Sundays? In my opinion it’s the best day of the week. Why? Because we get to make these Yorkshire Puddings! We we started Slimming World, I never imagined we’d be able to enjoy another Yorkshire Pudding again, because of the high flour and fat content of traditional Yorkshire Puddings. Because these are …


Slimming World spinach, tomato and red pepper cannelloni

Slimming World spinach, tomato and red pepper cannelloni This veg-packed dish from Slimming World is a great addition to your healthy eating plan. The kids will love the cheese-covered cannelloni, while also getting some of their

These Syn Free Oat Pancakes are a great way to get your daily HEB, and a great way to start the day! You can top them with pretty much anything you want. This post contains affiliate links. Find out w

Sometimes you just crave pasta. This Syn Free BLT Pasta Salad was created on one of those days. With just a few ingredients every Slimming Worlder has to hand, you can quickly make this Syn Free BLT P