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stick man forest

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i done this before, but i dont think i did it as well as this!

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I need to find a local market for these tuff spot trays! | Tweeting Teachers | Rock My Classroom

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Make these traffic signs using the printable pdf.

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Dinosaur eggs ready to be hatched, the children loved this activity (small world dinosaurs, frozen overnight in coloured water in a balloon) they used tools and salt to hatch the Dino babies EYFS

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Sensory farm tuff spot

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Frog pond tuff spot

Top 3 recipes for Kinetic Sand and Moon Sand! Link includes instructional video and bonus: how to make colored kinetic sand!:

Moonscape- bag of split peas & a bag of beans, sprayed silver. Moon buggy - dumper truck covered in tin foil. Astronauts - printed out photos stuck on toilet rolls. Rocket - plastic cup with craft foam top & wings, duct tape windows. Playdough moon martians with, googly eyes & pipe-cleaners arms. Magnetic letters.. from Taming the Goblin (",)

Space Tuff Spot, moon sand, foil moon rocks, space small world figures, counting stars, glass gems.