I like the clean/deep sills, but mainly just the warmth added to the light from…

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St Andrews Beach property Villa Marittima wins prestigious Architecture award, Villa Marittima designed by architect Robin Williams won the people's choice award in the 2015 National Architecture Awards along with an Australian...,

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Killieser Avenue Project: sliding glass doors and frameless glass roof to rear extension in SW London

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Knapphullet is a small annex replacing two small sheds on the property. The new building has a distinctive roof free spanning. The roof folds down to the ground creating a ramp up to a viewing platform connecting to the upper cliff.The project began...

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black windows instantly transform a home from fresh faced school girl into hyper-cool Parisian ingenue. Black is the new black. The iron paned window is less a throwback to industrial chic and more a classic architectural convention

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Stahlwerks Schlosserei bietet Arbeiten jeglicher Art an, sowie Entwurf und Fertigung von Treppen aus Metall, gerade oder/und gewendelt.

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