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Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous?

VideoImage Credit: Shutterstock | Tatiana Shepeleva Compelled by a nascent desire for innovation and advancement, mankind's quest for technological prowess is rooted in its earliest days. In fact, we have always been tinkerers. Through the use of an abundant imagination and burning desire to bend the limitations of what was once deemed impossible, we have tested [...]


Google’s AlphaGo Has Won Its Third Match Against Go World Champion Lee Sedol

For the third time, Google’s AlphaGo has beaten Lee Sedol, the human world champion of Go. The win is an incredible demonstration of the artificial intelligence’s capabilities, and it’s a historical moment along the same lines of Deep Blue’s victory over Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1996.


We may all happily follow our robot overlords to disaster

Study participants took emergency instructions from a robot they knew was faulty.

Microsoft’s teenage AI shows I know nothing about millennials

But like all teenagers, she seems to be angry with her mother.


The year’s last Top500 supercomputer rankings are out, and two newcomers have become members of the top 10.