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Feb 18 2017: Koldo Serra (Twitter) At 22:00h, Saturday @GernikaTheMovie will be presented in the Basque Film Festival in the @Cinemes_Girona (Barcelona) http://www.euskaletxea.cat/zinemaldia/?page_id=430

04 February 2017: The new BMW 5 Series. Ambition, raised.

30 Sept 2016: BMW Park Lane 118i M Sport - a re-worked version of the Pure BMW 1 series TV ad which ran last year, but with an extra emphasis to visit BMW Park Lane.

01 Feb 2017: Heads Up with @wellhayley. Hello all. https://www.instagram.com/p/BP95eOmAS4m/?taken-by=wellhayley

written by Margaret Nagle directed by Jason Ensler A dynamic family drama, and an intense procedural, The Eastmans is the story of a dying patriarch unwilling to pass on his medical institute and his legacy to his brilliant children. Starring: Donald Sutherland Jacqueline Bisset James D'arcy Saffron Burrows Gaby Hoffman David Wilson Barnes Jesse Bradford

DREAMS NEVER END (Short Film) Jacobs, D'Arcy

16 Dec 2016: BBC Trail "Hear The Year" on air across every BBC Radio Station! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04b1166