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undoubtedly, i will never use this limited edition tarot deck b/c it's more of a collectible. ithell colquhoun painted the originals. she was an writer of the occult & a surrealist painter. not to mention a friend of andre bréton, (who inspired alejandro jodorowski to use tarot de marseille). not only are the images are kinetic & primordial, & the titles the artist gave them are visceral & intuitive (as they should be!). this one is called (Ace) The Root of the Powers of the Earth.

The Surrealist (Le surréaliste), Victor Brauner January 1947. Oil on canvas, 23 5/8 x 17 3/4 inches (60 x 45 cm) Tarot symbols of the magician, fool, and more

Romanian Surrealist Victor Brauner is an old favorite here at OF. I just recently stumbled over this photo of him in front of his two Tarot-inspired canvases - The Surrealist and The Lovers - one of which I’ve already posted in the past, without spotting the Tarot connection… Today I’ll look a bit closer at Brauner, the Surrealists and the Tarot…