On May 15th a critical Nest product will go dark. I’m shocked this isn’t bigger news.

Nescafe Harajuku and Shuta Hasunuma create Coffee Moment Ensemble, a giant wooden coffee maker instrument | Japan Trends

Acoustruments by Disney Research is a passive, acoustically-driven interactive control for hand held devices. Ultrasonic pulses pass through an enclosed tube where subtle changes are sensed and used as an interface.

Enchanted objects is a 2 week course held at CIID during the Interaction Design Program. The course touches upon the art of making objects magical by giving them simple but unexpected behaviours. Students start out by getting a first hand experience of what makes something magical by learning and performing magic tricks like street magicians. They learn how to deliver ‘moments of awe’ through a performance, and try to apply that learning to products they create throughout the rest of the…

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