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Free Responsive Bootstrap Admin Templates 2014

Top 10 Free Responsive HTML5 Bootstrap Website Templates of 2015

Everyone wanted their websites to be listed in the top 10 results in the google search. We know that its not an easy job and it will not come overnight. We should optimize our page META Tags to get Google to…

How to use Meta Tags in SEO? – Tutorial and Tips

Google OAuth 2.0 Ajax Login using jQuery, PHP & MYSQL

Top 10 jQuery & CSS3 Tutorials on How to Animate Icons

<p>Last+week+one+of+my+reader+asked+me+that+how+to+Implement+Facebook+oAuth2.0+Login+with+Javascript+SDK without+Page+Refresh+and+also+data+should+be+store+on+MYSQL+server+as+well.+So+I+thought+this+is+the+time+to+write+a+tutorial+for+this.+Facebook+has+several+login+methods+based+…</p>

Facebook oAuth 2.0 Login without Page Refresh using jQuery, PHP & MYSQL

My readers continuously asked me to work on Facebook Style uploading pictures in comment box. So thought to share this wonderful tutorial here using PHP, MYSQL & jQuery. I felt that I haven't included this feature in my wallscript & I thought this is the right time to share this cool feature…

Facebook Style Image Upload in Comment Box using PHP, jQuery & MYSQL

My readers keep on asking me that How to share information directly from the web page into WhatsApp? So I thought to write a simple tutorial which will help to share articles from the webpage to Whatsapp using jQuery. Report says that by adding a Whatsapp sharing button on websites that will generate…

How to Share Content on Whatsapp using jQuery

After a long time I'm writing this tutorial for my readers. People have asked me How to implement autocomplete search using Wikipedia Opensearch API. What is Autocomplete Search? It is nothing but normal search box where it provides suggestions in a dropdown while typing the keyword in the text box.…

Autocomplete Search using Wikipedia API and jQuery UI