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Demons Fighting Over an Animal Limb, late 17th century. India. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Doris Rubin, in memory of Harry Rubin, 1989 (1989.236.3) | In this painting, set in a fantastic landscape with rocks, trees and a cityscape in the distance, two fearsome demons are seen quarreling over the leg of an animal. #demons #Halloween

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A Kangra style Indian miniature painted with Radha and Krishna

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Indonesia - Java - Wonosobo - Gallery Hotel Kresna Wonosobo - Garuda.The Garuda (Sanskrit/Javanese/Balinese/Indonesian: गरुड garuḍa, "eagle"; Pāli garuḷa; Burmese: ဂဠုန်, [ɡəlòuɴ]; Tamil: karutan; Thai/Lao/Khmer: ครุฑ khrut; Malay: geroda; Mongolian: гарьд garid) is a large mythical bird or bird-like creature that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Visit wiki for more information.

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Garuda - Man-Bird Deity, Bali

Mythical bird by Amrish Patel / 500px

Garuda est un homme-oiseau fabuleux de la mythologie hindouiste & bouddhiste, fils de Kashyapa et de Vinatâ et frère d'Aruna, le conducteur du char du dieu Sûrya. C'est le vâhana, ou monture, du dieu Vishnu. Il est considéré comme le roi des oiseaux, ennemi naturel des nâgas. Mais Nâga et Garuda ne sont en fait que deux incarnations de Vishnu, les deux aspects de la substance divine, en qui ils se réconcilient.

HIstory of Garuda

Woman in a Windstorm, c. 1780, Mughal. Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

C.P., Unidentified Artist Woman in a Windstorm, c....

...Radha's feet on Krishna's hands... Hindu art. Pureness...

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nickyskye meanderings: Pahari paintings from the Himalayan foothills, 17th and 18th Century paintings from North Western India

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Vishnu and Lakshmi on Shesha Naga, ca. 1870

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Lord Vishnu asleep while floating on the cosmic waters on the serpent Shesha. In the Puranas Shesha holds all the planets of the universe on his hoods and constantly sings the glories of Vishnu from all his mouths. Lakshmi massaging his lotus feet. 18th C.

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