The primary Goal of Big Data Analytics is to help companies to make better business decisions by enabling data scientists and other users to analyze huge volumes of data from a multiplicity of sources.

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African countries gain momentum with technology as a tool! The countries across Sub Saharan Africa are fast developing. The economies are more focused now than ever before. All nations are working towards being more competitive and join the race with their developed counterparts on the continent.

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With precision, indulge yourself in the role you've taken up! you will succeed whether you are an 'EMPLOYEE' or a BOSS'.

There are options such as starting with a completely own business or taking up a franchise, starting a small sized business or a medium size and so on. Self employment has many advantages as it provides many options wherein each individual could realize his or her potential and make a choice based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Africa has become home to new business ideas, innovations and profitable investments. There is a huge demand for many services and products and individual investors, entrepreneurs are benefiting from franchise business especially due to the ability of franchising model that demonstrates stability in economic uncertainties.

What are you doing to change this, watch the video exclusive from IIHT Technologies.

It is very critical to understand how to choose a Franchise. Critical analyses of the three major components could help in choosing a right franchise most suitable for an individual.

Information Technology jobs are on an increase and so is technology ever developing. Students need access to hands on learning aiding to skill acquirement in live simulations.

Don't be on toes!!! Fear is the worse influencer during these periods. Looking at many unskilled and unemployed and our own elder sibling pressurizing on ‘doing it right' has made us more anxious. What we need to ensure is to not take a decision in haste! I have like many others wanted to be in the best university doing best course only to find that I had to join a huge group of under-employed when the time came.

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