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Diploma In Business Administration in 6 Months- The certification helps the students to develop into business-ready managers, capable of handling complex business requirements that arise in a changing global business environment.

PGDM is the most sought after programme of IIBM Institute for Management Education. It's online courses are widely acclaimed for its strong curriculum in the industry and academic circles. It is designed not only to impart the knowledge of core subjects such as , Finance, Human resource, Sales, international business and Marketing but also foundation on developing skills and competencies by exposing students to real time business situations.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is designed for those people who wish to boost their careers by improving their existing thought process and knowledge. Here is a good chance to dream big and build your career at ‪#‎IIMB‬ Institute.

Go beyond classroom learning and transform yourself into competent business managers and decision makers in a short span of 1 year with IIBM Institute's Post Graduate Diploma In Management.

People are the critical assets of any company. The industry today, regards manpower as its most vital resource. In a competitive, ability-driven economy, effective Human Resource management holds the secret in the success of any business organization. IIBMIndia has come up with a course in human resource management for details

Post Graduate diploma in management is a 1 year course offered by ‪#‎IIBM‬ which trains the candidates into dynamic business professionals. Post Graduate Diploma in Management weighs equivalent to MBA. The various specializations offered by the program include Finance, Marketing, Supply chain, Human Resource, Information Technology etc. PGDM is well suited for working professional who are unable to pursue full-time management program.

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Get a Dual Management Certification in Post Graduate Program in Management + Master Program in Business Administration certificate Program from ‪#‎IIBM‬. This program is very useful for working professionals who do not have time for a regular course, it will equip you with skills required to become a good Manager.

Are you looking for an international course for Post graduate Diploma in Management? ‪#‎IIBM‬ offers a 1 year PGDM course for the purpose of providing practicing managers with the opportunity to participate and to be part of the process of improving managerial performance and effectiveness in all areas of business, industry and public administration.