Feeling the heart (Mixed)

A fashion design competition was going on. Top fashion designers like dog dusto, scissor see-see, cow komal and ant chicky were the biggest competitors there and compared to other new bees. Theme was "Feeling the heart". After few presentations from new guns dusto showcased his designs. And to the most surprise his maximum colection was of red color. Komal and chicky also showcased his collection. It was also little bit same. It seemed that everyone was following the same path. See- see's collection was quite different but it was still not that catchy. Atlast it was the turn of a new gun in fashion industry toader-mal. He showcased his collection. It was totally unique and which watching his collection everyone was seemed to be lost in different world. The background music, stage and his collection and everything created a different environment which totally suited the theme "feeling the heart". No doubt atlast he was the winner. He just said," I did nothing, I just made all my dresses through my heart, I just searched my heart in my creations".
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