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Squid. Ahhh, close enuff - Cthulhu never said he was an octopus, just severely tentacled - at least, I HOPE he did...gulp! <:-/

The 2 of Swords may be foretelling of unsettling communications. The message of the Two of Swords appearing in a readings is that the key to achieving a satisfactory compromise is by open and honest communication. Do not allow prior grievances and bitterness to influence the communication. Once a compromise has been reached, you should feel a sense of achievement at having been open-minded and considerate of others.{Ostara Tarot}

The Tower is a card about change. Just as with the Devil and Death, the Tower is not as frightening or as ominous as the pictorial representation in most decks. Trying to hold too tightly to the status quo can be disastrous now. Roll with the changes.

I've been planning a shoulder tat for ages, to cover a crappy old one. I want a magpie, but maybe clutching something?