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Japanese tenmoku glaze bowl. Tenmoku literally means Heaven's Eye

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M.Wein Shino large 2 Ft. platter

宋 定窯 劃花蓮花葵瓣口盤 - Ding Kiln, Song Dynasty, China, The Palace Museum

Sake cup with oil-spot temmoku glaze, 2011 Temmoku glazed stoneware 1 7/8 x 3 inches

Asian Influence

Modern Tenmoku by 邵椋揚.

I wouldn't class my tumblr as anything specific, just things i love. Nature, architecture, fashion, quotes, jewelry, scenery etc etc. I look at all the blogs that follow me but only follow back ones i...

This is an easy one. You can get these big rocks either at the beach or at your local garden centre. Mark out your design with felt tip and fill in with small mosaic tiles. Paint on the small features. Huge range of cheap mosaic tiles at