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Fine motor maths activity - counting using pipe cleaners and beads - my kids loved this today!


Q-tip Painting to practice writing letters...and numbers. I'd photocopy the Handwriting Without Tears book and their alphabet if that's the writing program used in your school district or whatever program they use if they use one in yours so you can directly connect the two to administration.


How I Got 18 out of 23 Kids to Master 100% of Their Sight Words

Take a photo of each child holding a sight word. Create a power point with the pictures and use it to drill students.


Getting to grips with shapes! This activity can also be great for mark making. Best outdoors this one, tiz a bit messy but easily cleaned. This is shaving foam! Squirt and spread across your surface. We then used our plastic shapes as templates and with our fingers drew around the outside, lifted up and had created our shapes which we then talked about. Great for shape classification!


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