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Wearable Technology

All the tech you should put on your person (and some you probably don't want to).
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Shammane's crowdfunded smartwatch puts the 'chic' into 'geek chick'. It's designed for women, with rose gold finishes and leather bands.


Shammane watch targets fashion-savvy - HighlyWearable

Would you take extra steps to earn free flights? Qantas has a wacky idea for wearable tech.

Would you track your steps for free flights? - HighlyWearable

Microsoft launches its first wearable technology, the Band 2, in Sydney.

HighlyWearable - Wearable Tech Australia

The new fitness-tracking Misfit Shine 2 delivers a lot of smartwatch features for the first time. And of course it's rose gold. Isn't everything?

Misfit Shine 2 adds smartwatch features - HighlyWearable

The world's first modular smartwatch Blocks will let you build your own wearable technology, adding features into the watch band.

Blocks lets you build your own smartwatch - HighlyWearable