Raspberry Bakewell cake

Raspberry Bakewell Cake 1 c ground almonds 1 c butter, softened 1 c golden caster sugar 1 c self-raísíng flour 2 eggs 1 tsp vanílla extract 2 c raspberríes 2 tbsp flaked almonds ícíng sugar, to serve. baked in degrees F for 50 mins

Chocolate courgette cake

Chocolate courgette cake. Made this last night, and it was DELICIOUS. Very chocolaty, very moist. I'll definitely make it again (possibly subbing some flour for beans to make it even more kid friendly).

Yummy scrummy carrot cake

Dairy Free Yummy Scrummy Carrot Cake Recipe, Living With Cow's Milk Protein Allergy Guest Recipes, soya free, dairy free, see more free from recipes, CMPA

Blackcurrant Bakewell

Actually the cake looks more "rustic" than on this photo. A friend baked and it was divine. She bought the jam at ALDI's, but any would do as long as it was packed with fruit.