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James Martin’s spatchcock chicken with Caesar salad

James Martin’s spatchcock lemon and maple syrup roasted chicken with Caesar salad

Black Forest trifle

Black Forest trifle. Indulgent trifle won't keep you in the kitchen for long but will impress guests at your next get-together.

Lamb madras with bombay potatoes

Lamb Madras with Bombay potatoes. Made this after getting my hands on a reduced in price lamb shoulder. Totally delicious, the meat was incredibly tender.

James Martin’s lemon posset with strawberries

James Martin's home comforts: Billionaire's shortbread

It was one of my chefs' ideas to call this Billionaire's Shortbread - because Millionaire's Shortbread is simply not a good enough name for it.

Bacon, cheese and tomato quiche

James Martin's quiche recipe is made with a shortcrust pastry with bacon, tomato and cheese filling.