255 calories/13.7g fat per portionPotatoes and eggs can be used to make a low calorie meal - and this recipes proves it! Adding asparagus to this chunky tortilla is a great way of boosting the nutrients - the more veg the better! Get the recipe: Asparagus tortilla

250 calories/21g fat per portionNothing beats breakfast for dinner! These creamy, rich eggs are served with iron-rich spinach leaves and soft mushrooms. The light, cream sauce makes this dish one to remember.Get the recipe: Baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms

218 calories/13g fat per portionThis delicious one-pot Italian-style mussels recipe is really easy to whip up. Bursting with flavour, thanks to the anchovies, oilves and garlic. We'd recommend serving with skinny chips or a small slice of bread.Get the recipe: One-pot Italian-style mussels

233 calories/6g fat per portion Potatoes, prawns, sea bass, tomatoes - this seafood stew is so full of lovely ingredients, you won't believe it's low-calorie! All simmered down in a rich paprika and cayenne pepper-flavoured sauce, this stew will make a lovely weekend treat for the whole family. Get the recipe: Seafood stew

277 calories/9g fat per portionFish is the perfect source of protein and sure to keep you fuller for longer. Not only that, but it's bursting with omega-3 fatty acids which are really good for your skin. Infused with sesame oil, ginger and chillies, you can't really go wrong with this healthy dish.Get the recipe: Crispy Asian sea bass

5:2 Diet - 5:2 Diet: Fast Day Dinner - No-Carb Caesar Salad Recipe - Woman And Home

280 calories/7g fat per portionIt's not just a side, couscous can be turned into a meal in itself. Combine with whatever roasted veg you like and a simple stock and voila - a low-cal dinner ready in mins! Get the recipe: Roasted vegetable couscous

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