Start your day with a healthy breakfast high in proteins essential vitamins and minerals to keep you going whole day- Recipe by Farrukh --> #Vegetarian #Recipes

Stuffed Kulchas make a great winter dinner along with pickled onions and Paneer Butter Masala. Make it for this holiday season and you will love it. Recipe by Richa. --> #Vegetarian #Recipes

Healthful moong dal takes the form of a tasteful paratha here! cooked moong dal, along with potato for binding, onions for crunch and a range of spices for added flavour, makes a great stuffing for parathas that are crisp outside and soft inside. You will enjoy the unique combination of spices in this paratha, especially the thoughtful addition of crushed coriander seeds and amchur.

Paneer paratha is simple Indian flat bread with the stuffing of delicious mix of grated paneer and spices in whole wheat dough, which is then shallow fried to golden perfection and served hot. Learn how to make perfectly spicy and crispy punjabi style Paneer paratha with this recipe

Matar Kachori Recipe - Green peas stuffed flat bread Makes 6 // Whole wheat flour (chapatti atta) – 1 cup, can use all purpose flour or combo Oil or ghee – 1 T Salt – to taste Warm water – ¼ cup + 1 T // Green peas – 1 cup, fresh or frozen Oil – 1 T + more for frying Cumin seeds – ½ t Fennel seeds – ½ t Ginger – 1 t, grated Green chilies – 1, chopped finely Red chili powder – 1 t Coriander powder – ½ t Aamchur powder – 1 t Chaat masala – ½ t Salt – to taste Besan (chickpea flour) – 1 T

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