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Oct 29: UK: Actor Kareena Kapoor was honored in the House of Commons by an Asian ethnic weekly for her contribution to the global entertainment industry.

wow this is quite pretty I like how it looks to be combining western styles with traditional prints materials and cuts. I could be wrong tho and that this is completely traditional bit idk

THE LUXURY OF COMFORT Our own apparel label Sustain, is committed to using fabrics and processes that are ecologically sensitive and which energise craft communities. "The importance of sustaining crafts cannot be overemphasized. At the economic, social and cultural level we would be impoverished if we were to devalue our crafts, which are the wellspring of our creativity and that provide livelihood to millions of men and women." - Anita Lal #SustainableLuxury

SUSTAINING TRADITIONS OF CRAFT & STYLE ‘Khadi,’ muslin & ‘chanderi’ separates in rose, lilac & leaf with ‘odhnis’ (scarves) coordinated in 'leheriya' (tie-dye) & ‘varak’ (silver leafed) graphic patterns. ‘Varak’ is a delicate decorative leaf hammered by hand from tiny bits of silver. These delicate leaves are carefully applied on handwoven gossamer fabrics. These textiles are treasures & need to be handled with care. #SustainableLuxury Available across Good Earth shops in Mumbai & Delhi.