Exam Shoot Eight

For this shoot I plan to project lace upon my model - I decided to use lace as I believe it is a representative of delicate feminine beauty and it's delicacy and fineness could be said to mirror that of a 'perfect' woman. Model: Bernice | Props: Canon 7D, plus standard lens, strip of lace and projector | Location: College studio
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IMG_8943 - Part Two: For the manipulation I wished to distort the photo, however I still wished to keep her eye/s a clear statement in the photo. Inspired by Alma Haser's distorted portraits, I decided to make an attempt of creating my own version taking ideas from Haser's collection 'Cosmic Surgery' where the use of origami is used to distort the face. I believe this tied in well with my project, as it distorts her female beauty, whilst still keeping her enlarged eye a focus point.

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IMG_8955 - Part Two: ..and how the light catches her eyes perfectly. I wished to convey the hidden distortion of the idea of female perfection. At first glance I wanted this image to look almost normal, however, the more the viewer looked at it – the more distorted the image seemed. Similar to female perfection, it may at first glance seem realistic, but the closer the image is looked at, the less realistic it is. To do this, I took inspiration from Alma Haser, yet twisted it into my own…

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Contact sheet for exam shoot eight

IMG_8967 - Part One: I took this image close up to show her expression, which is slightly fearful, yet intrigues. I went for a slightly low angle, but not to make her appear superior, instead to show the expression through her mouth and make it feel as though we are at eye level with her, making her seem more human in a way. The lighting is all from the projector which catchers her eyes well, yet also gives a caged feel to the image due to the lace.

IMG_8967 - Part Two: For the manipulation, I wished to play on the caged/fearful ambience of the photograph and emphasise this mood. I also wish to create a distortion of her female perfection. To do this, I sliced the image up and changed the brightness/colour and curves in each section to create a distorted feel and to compromise her perfection as in one section she no longer has her bright blue eyes, and in the other her skin is an ill yellow colour.

IMG_8955 - Part One: For this photo, I opted for a slightly lower angle to give the model a feeling of superiority, and for the composition, I decided to keep her as central as possible, although allowing slightly more negative space to her right for ‘looking space.’ The only light source of this photo is from the projector, as after experimenting with a soft box as a second source of lighting, this was my preference. This is due to the intriguing shadow it creates the right side of her…

IMG_8943 - Part One: For this photo, I wished to cover the model as much as possible with the lace to give her a caged feel, without loosing her features completely. I placed the projector slightly to the left of where I was, to fill her face with light and lace. However, the lace did cover her mouth, which could have been improved by moving it on the projector, but her eye does gleam and pop in the light, which is a positive aspect.

IMG_8961 - Part One: I took this image from a high angle to make the model appear more vulnerable, I then got her to look up at me – by looking up, paired with the artificial lighting, it brings out her bright blue eyes, which bore into the viewer, giving her a contradictory sense of strength. The way I have projected the lace on her, I have created a somewhat sinister and caged feel to the photo, with the harsh shadow and the lace over her entire body looking almost like wire.

IMG_8961 - Part Two: I wished to show contrasting moods of the model – the vulnerable side, which is emphasised by the high angle of the camera and the way she appears as though she is being restrained; as well as the strong side of her, backed up by her un-phased gaze and the dark shadow across her face. To show this, I made the darker side black and white to show her strength and the light side I left in colour and combined to two together by hand by ripping one and sticking them together.

IMG_8979 - Part One: I took this photo as I believe the artificial lighting made her look almost computerised - such as the way the imperfect lighting from the projected created digital-looking effect on her face. I was also going for a shadowed, black veiled look over her eyes, which can represent many things for a woman, as it could be argued that women must be veiled to protect her from a man's lust, or to keep a woman hidden and untouched...

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