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Kotoamatsukami is a group of the first Gods in existence. They were Amenominakanushi, the central master, Takamimusubi, the high creator, and Kamimusubi, the divine creator.

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Bishamon is the God of War. He protects soldiers, banishes demons, and protects against disease.

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Susanoo-no-Mikoto is the God of the sea and storms. He does not get along with his brother and sister, the Moon and Sun God and Goddess

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Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto is the God of the Moon. He lives in the heavens with his sister the sun goddess.

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Hoori is the God of Hunting. He is considered a hero and descended from the first Emperor.

Izanami is the wife of the Creator of the heavens. She died during childbirth

Izanagi is the Chinese God of creation. He was married to Izanami. He is the father of the Moon God, Sun Goddess, and Sea God.

The kappa is a mischievous water spirit. He has a spot filled with water on his dead.If the water is all lost, the kappa will lose its power.