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So hast du Pizza noch nicht gesehen: Knusprige Pizzasticks

Eis am Stiel, Kuchen am Stiel, Pizza am Stiel… Moment, was!? Nach der süßen Cake-Pop-Revolution hat es auch dieser herzhafte Snack auf ein Stäbchen geschafft und sieht einfach zum Anbeißen aus. Dein Herzblatt wird Augen machen!


6 Ways To Use the "Little Walls" in Your Home

Here are six examples of smart and stylish ways to those "little walls" in your home to add more function or more beauty to an often overlooked space.

Contemporary Kitchen: TIP- Wire your drawers. Do you need your technology while you cook, perhaps to look up recipes or cooking hints, make cooking notes, play music or make diary entries? A powered drawer can keep your electronics off the counter and away from cooking mess and moisture and can charge them at the same time.

grilled and baked aubergine 'pizza'

grilled and baked aubergine ‘pizza’ -- eggplant is a great "no crust", low carb option that allows you to use your fave toppings! #lowcarb