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Cards full of Love

Gift your loved ones a beautiful greeting card from Halllmark India. Shop Now :
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from Hallmark India

Red Roses

Roses Rs. 60.00 Roses are red and sometimes they are thorny. When youre not with me, I get really Corny


Roses | Hallmark India

For My Love Rs. 65.00 Every time I look at you, I know there is no one else in the world I could love as much as I love you. And today I want to thank you for yesterdays dreams that you have made come true. For the loving touch in everything that you do, and for making me so much more happy. You mean a lot to me.

For My Love | Hallmark India

I love you Rs. 60.00 I love you. I don't need jewels with lots of bling. Or flowers, nope they are not my thing. And candy will just make fat, So I guess I'll just say no to that! I can do without that stuff 'cause I have you and thatí´s enough. (But if you really want to get me any of those other things, I won't complain honest. ) You Know me so well.

I love you | Hallmark India

from Hallmark India

In Love Forever Greeting Card

In Love Forever Rs. 60.00 We are better because we are together

In Love Forever

Love You Rs. 60.00 The best partner there is? You. The best feeling there is? Love. And the most grateful heart? Mine. Now doesní´t that make us a perfect couple? Yes.

Love You Greeting Card

from Hallmark India

Greeting Card For My Heartbeat

My Heartbeat Rs. 60.00 My safety, My security, My shelter. You are the arms I melt in, The smile I live for, the voice that reassures me.

My Heartbeat Greeting Card

from Hallmark India

I Am Yours

This is just the front of the card. The inside is even funnier. Shop Now | Rs.60 :

Do Me | Hallmark India

from Hallmark India

Love Greetings

So in Love | Hallmark India

To My Love Rs. 60.00 One look at you is all it takes for me to fall in love with you all over again. Something in your smile makes me feel things Ive never felt before.

To My Love | Hallmark India

from Hallmark India

To My Sweetheart

To My Sweetheart Rs. 60.00 Sweetheart Your is the smile that I love to see,the sweet face I see In My dreams every night...your are the arms that I Loved wrapped around me.the comfort you give makes everything right...

To My Sweetheart