Hannah Hagen
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This is a science experiment for weather. When you click on the image it describes how to do the entire experiment. It shows how grass grows with the help of the sun and the water that you shower it with. There is condensation on the jar after a few days. This is a good way to show the students how once again the water cycle works, but in a small jar.

Exploring states of matter. Solid balloon full of ice, liquid full of water and gas full of air. Much better than the old syringes technique.

Yellow and Blue Make GREEN! *Fill 2 cups with water, add blue dye to one cup and yellow dye to the other. *Put an empty cup in between them. *Roll 2 paper towels. Place the end of one towel into the blue dye and one end of the other towel in the yellow dye. *Bend both the towels and put the loose ends into the empty cup and watch the magic happen. http://allforkids.tv/episode-guide/season-4/episode-37/absorbing-science/