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✣ Cobra As Animal Totem ✣ Used by the Ancient Egyptians to designate royalty and because when coiled, its tail disappears, it is also a fitting symbol for eternity. In India, devout Hindus consider King Cobra to be a manifestation of Lord Shiva Cobra’s Wisdom Includes: Royal Power and Wisdom Destruction and Regeneration Awakening to Self Awakening of Energy Excerpt; “Animal Messengers” by Scott Alexander King arTist; Chris Saunders

Cartoon-like Shiva Nataraja, By Abhishek Singh ~ I love all the white markings, and the fierce energy of His dance

In Hinduism, Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts and science. yoga #namaste #om #aum #beauty #newage

Illustration of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi for an event - yoga #namaste #om #aum #beauty #newage #laksmi