when you're tired of organizing information... make it stream of consciousness and really compact, with related coloring so it's pleasant to look at.

Art by Dale created using mostly elements from various kits by Tumble Fish Studio available at Deviant Scrap

Graphic Design students in particular often feel confident brainstorming ideas in graphical format. Note the clever repetition of colour in this work and how borders around certain areas of text draw the viewer’s attention.

Exploring the topic ‘Force’, this mixed media mind map contains a wealth of details, texture and depth. GCSE Art

Students who enter an Art course with strong photography skills may wish to create an entire mind map or brainstorm upon a large-scale photograph. This may be photocopied to create a surface that is easier to write upon - or a medium such as Indian ink can be used to write directly upon a printed photograph.

"What's in your head"- great prompt; I used to do this in {gulp} 1982 with children in shelters-- collage "What's on Your Mind". Everything old is new again.

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