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Cherupayar Curry Recipe Kozhikode style | Moong Dal Curry

Kozhikodan Cherupayar Curry Recipe / Moong Dal Recipe is a tasty and healthy vegetarian recipe. തേങ്ങാപാൽ ചേർത്ത ചെറുപയർ കറി Ingredients, Methods, Tips

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Erivum Puliyum: Cherupayar curry | Healthy combo with Puttu(Steamed rice flour) | Green Gram(Moong Bean) Curry

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!╚»МŶ FĂVŐÚŔĨŤĔ FŐŐĎŚ«╝: Cherupayar (Green Gram) Curry and Puttu

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Oats Dosa

Instant Oats Dosa - Crispy Crepe - Step by step photo recipe - This kids special crepe is not only easy to make but healthy too. You can serve it with south Indian style coconut chutney or tomato ketch up in the dinner, breakfast or as afternoon snack.

THE TASTIEST AND THE EASIEST RECIPE of the most popular Indian Side dish!