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I’ve spent twenty two years of my life in this ‘Lai Bhari’ in Solapur. A small humble town, sharing borders with three different states, which was independent for a day, when the whole country was enslaved. This place has given the country an IT expert-genius like Achyut Godbole, a great actor like Atul Kulkarni, politicians like Sushil Kumar Shinde and cricketers like Anagha Deshpande. Now when I’m here, in Indore, doing my PhD, some part of my heart is still empty. #mycitychronicles

"Why Pune?" "Because it's my home and I know many people here. Everything is familiar and people are nice. I sincerely believe that home is where the heart is and I am always glad to come back home. Besides, with so many youth around in this city, this city always keeps me young at heart!" - Pradeep Jani, A retired official in Pune. ‪#‎MyCityChronicles‬ ‪#‎Pune‬

“Jan 26th 2014: It almost felt like I now have turned the page of the book to a new chapter. A chapter I have not read before, not known, strangers everything and me. My breathing point was my life partner. Because of his work here I have relocated to Dubai just after our wedding in Jan 2014 giving up on my love for Bangalore. I thought I could never leave that place. As I moved in to Dubai, I took almost a year to connect to it - until then my lingo would often be 'your Dubai'

"I once made this impromptu decision of travelling to Chennai without informing anyone beforehand. I guess it was just one of those days. I called in another friend of mine who I know would be game to come along with me. We both set off looking out for an adventure. We had no clue where we were headed. From one destination to another as we hopped on to various rides, we ended up in the dense Western Ghats nestled in Karnataka. We figured we did go trekking! I know it was a crazy thing to…

“A happy childhood is the best gift life could give us. By virtue of my father being in the armed forces, I had the privilege to live in different parts of India. One of the places that is special to me is Udhampur, a city 70 kms ahead of Jammu, with mostly mountainous terrain. I spent two formative years of my school days and the best days of my life in this city. Life was simpler then - just school, army cantonment, after-school sports time. No extra tuition classes, no crazy studying……

There’s a certain omnipresent vibe of excitement and progress in Bangalore. Even the horrid traffic can’t help but give one the feeling that this is a place where people DO things, rather than just talk about them. It was on February 2011 that I was Bangalored. My fancy IT job of 5 years was effectively shipped off to India. And I knew exactly the guy who took over my job: Anand. In fact, I had helped train him, taken him to the Star Wars movie opening. #mycitychronicles #bangalore

Anyone who has lived in Bangalore long enough will know what it was and how much everyone misses the old Bangalore. I'm just one of them. I miss the real 'Garden city' and its open green spaces, fresh air, lesser vehicles on the road and more character. I miss the fact that I could go out for a meal or a drink after 1 am in the morning and wake up to an equally good weather at 9 am. I miss watching random drag races on MG Road while having "chai" #mycitychronicles

When my 14 year old self heard the news that my dad was planning to shift base and move in to this new city called "Mumbai”, I wasn't too thrilled. I still remember the first time I stepped foot on the Victoria Terminus (Now CST) platform, it’s been 13 years. Everything was exactly the same as I had imagined - thousands of people walking past you without so much as a second glance. It’s very easy to feel lost in the crowd. #mycitychronicles #lucknow

Lucknow in its old world charm offers you the best in Mughlai Cuisine (the highlight being the melt in mouth Tunday Gelawat Kebabs). A soul seeking traveller will definitely find its solace in the beautiful Mughal era Nawabi architecture of Lucknow which houses towering forts like the Bara Imambara in which resides the spooky bhool-bhulayiya (Maze), which is a challenge to conquer in itself as you will get lost finding way through those misleading corridors. #mycitychronicles #Lucknow