Suitable for Glass, Windshields, Mirrors, Tiles, Glass table tops, Windows, Glass shower cubicles, Pier glass, Partition glass, Slab glass, building glass, Monitors, TV screens etc. Contact them at +919999140013 for more details.

Suitable for all water-resistant, closed floor covering such as: Marble, Granite, Sandstone, PVC, Linoleum, Highly Polished Stone flooring Glazed Brick and Clay tiles, Sealed hardwood foor rubber and Studded floors. Contact them at +919999140013 for more details.

All smart phones, mobile phones, LED/LCD screens like TV screens, monitors, tablets, palmtops, laptops, keyboards, HDTV, touch screens etc. Additionally suitable for spectacles/sunglasses. Contact them at +919999140013 for more details.

Creator of Fine Writing Instruments since 1888. Discover a journey from past to present, an inspiration for writing our future.

Suitable for Buckets, Chairs, Tables, Dashboards, Switchboards, Fans, AC frames, Refrigerators, TV frames, Laminated surfaces, Plastic cabinets, Computer keyboards and other plastic surfaces. Cleans & Protects Against: Dirt, Dust, Grease stains, Food stains. Does not leave any residue behind and the surface remains protected. Contact them at +919999140013 for more details.

The new design from Parker, meant for those young aspirants who are willing to experiment and love to win. With its tapered body at both ends that gives it a slimmer look Navigator Refills for smooth writing experience. Contact them at +919999140013 for more details.

About Luxor Nano Imitation Leather Cleaner & Also Protector 500 ml This product is suitable for all imitation leather items like bags, shoes, sofas, furniture, car seats, waist coats, briefcases, wallets and other imitation leather items. Contact them at +919999140013 for more details.

The new Parker Ingenuity is a collection of unparalleled style, the perfect accessory designed for today’s trendy man or woman. This new collection offers a large range of finishes from the classic and timeless Black Lacquer to the more fashionable texturized soft-touch Rubber effect. Contact them at +919999140013 for more details.

Frontier Matte epoxy resin coated stainless steel cap and barrel for premium looks with contrasting gold plated clip. Stainless steel nib style. Fitted with twin-channeled ink feed and collector system. Contact them at +919999140013 for more details.

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