Gillian Turner-Wayland

Gillian Turner-Wayland

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Beautiful wall finish inspiration. Try Artisan Enhancements Leaf and Foil Size for easy application metallic walls with no harmful chemicals or VOCs.

PlumSiena: What a Wall! Emily Swift-Jones She began with a normal, painted wall, smoothed it out with joint compound, primed with shellac and then went to town. The steps included Dutch metal gold leaf, patinating the gold leaf, glazing with oil colours and varnishing for the top coat. At the end, she embedded tiny glitter flakes into the tacky varnish.

Don't want to forget that when it comes time to build LaLa's wardrobe she is going to need some small drawers

grey wall paneling with brass trim, I really want to do some molding treatments… More

Gold Leaf - Gilded, cracked resin plaster distressed and carved handmade by Stuart Fox - Special commission by GINA shoes London for the Sloane Street boutique.