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Our Heritage

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A Gift From The Gods was created in 1997 as the UK's first all girl DJ club tour, borne out of the dance music rave scene of the early 90's. The acid house movement changed a generation and its legacy lives on today.

Mixmag, dance music magazine and clubbing bible. Infamous 'Sasha - Son Of God' cover from February 1994 featuring an interview with the iconic DJ.

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Renaissance - The Mix Collection 1994. A 3 CD set mixed by Renaissance DJs Sasha and John Digweed. The first properly licensed dance music mix cd from ground-breaking club Renaissance. A treasured collector's item now.

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D:Ream - UR The Best Thing. Pete Cunnah, DJ Al McKenzie and, believe it or not, Professor Brian Cox.

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Human Traffic - a 'coming of age' film about young clubbers in Cardiff, Wales. John Simm is always good value, a young Danny Dyer is always a treat and watch out for a cameo by global DJ Carl Cox.

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Weekender film starring Jack O'Connell and Henry Lloyd-Hughes. The story of a couple of hapless promoters in the vanguard of the rave scene, it's a pretty accurate account of the chaotic beginnings of what became a cultural and global phenomenon. With a cracking soundtrack from Boy's Own DJ Terry Farley, you'll be bouncing along.

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