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Shiva with 26 faces & 52 hands. Tamil Nadu Temple , India

HiNDU GOD: Lord Narsinmha

Shiva Lingam Explained !

About Shiva More

Om Gananaam tva Ganapati Gum Havamahe Kavimkaveenaa mupamashravastamam Jyestharajam Brahmanaam Brahmanaspata Aana shrunvanootibhi seedhasadhanam Maha Ganapataye Namah. May we worship Ganapati, the Protector of Noble People The best Poet, the Most Honourable, The Greatest Ruler and the treasure of all knowledge. O Ganapati, please listen to us and take your seat in our heart.

Lord venkateshwara

“Durga becomes angry, her face becoming dark as ink. Suddenly the goddess Kali springs from her forehead.” Kali is Durga’s rage, fury, and bloodlust unleashed onto the battlefield. “She roars loudly and leaps into battle where she tears demons apart with her hands and crushes them in her jaws.”