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Slimming World roast potatoes

I’m sure I’ve posted about roast potatoes done the Slimming World way, but they’re just so good I can’t help myself! These roasters are an accompaniment to our Valentine&#82…

Slimming World: Jelly sweets: Add 2 sachets sugar free jelly with 2 sachets powdered gelatine to half pint boiling water & mix well. Pour 2/3 into flat dish put in fridge to set. Mix mullerlight yoghurt into last 1/3 of jelly and mix well. When first layer set add the yoghurt/jelly mix to top and put in fridge. 3 syns for the lot.

Fakeaway slow cooker doner kebab

A healthier version of a takeaway doner kebab, which can be high in fat - try this lower fat, but very tasty alternative. Recommend doubling the recipe if serving two people.