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I'm a business and life coach. I have released a book about my personal journey from addiction and despair to complete recovery and happiness. I wrote this book to help other people suffering in addiction and their families.
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Forgiving yourself will enable you to forgive others & healthy boundaries will enable you to say NO to bad behavior from others.

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The way we do business locally and internationally is changing and being redefined at a rapid pace due to the advent of the virtual worker and the virtual corporation. The time of the video resume has arrived and will change the way employees are hired forever. Find out how becoming your own human resource specialist will save you time and money. Learn how to benefit financially and personally from this new business paradigm!You will learn how other countries do business so that you can tap…

Happiness is related to contentment, reason, and hope. Let's cultivate this feeling every day.Happiness is a state of mind that includes appreciation of the wonderful people who are a part of our lives, the great things we have learned from life's many experiences, and the incredible places we've traveled to. Happiness also includes feelings of accomplishment for doing what we can toward reaching our goals and helping others to reach theirs. Happiness motivates us to be kind, t...

This book is designed to help families heal their dysfunction in order to have improved relationships with all those they interact within in their lives.

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I Ve Published,Books I'Ve

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