Google continues to their “spring cleaning” and updates their mobile web Gmail service, renovating the site with a new, attractive look.View @

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New pictures have emerged of a previously unseen (and rather good looking) Motorola phone that might be the much awaited Motorola X.

Samsung has launched its latest and greatest flagship phone - the Galaxy S4. Surprisingly, it sports a similar design as its predecessor. However, when you look closer, you'll notice that there are a couple of differences between the Galaxy S4...visit for more detail.

Galaxy Note 3 Rumors Roundup..

Everyone loves to customize things depending on their specific requirements. When it comes to an Android phone, the customization process starts with rooting it. It’s a rite of passage through which you open a realm of almost infinite customization. Take a note that you can replace the original operating system too if the device is rooted.Visit

Android devices are tempting, aren't they? Not only for me of course; I admit to being a self-proclaimed Android lover anyway. Recently, I got a hold of a Nexus 4, and now its time for a quick review.For more detail visit

Apple Patents Phone With Wrap-Around Display, Transparent Body..View @

Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean May Bring Some Galaxy S4 Features to Galaxy S3 and Note 2.....

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