Love using this method to get the students to contribute to a plenary session. Quite useful to pick a few and run through solutions or Ask other students how they could solve the issues raised. These work at their best when they link back to the Learning Objectives. Allows you during the next starter be able to speak to students about any concepts they didn't grasp in small groups of students who flagged up similar issues. I use this quite often when getting students to develop…

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AFL - Following the traffic light system children decide where to put their books for a quick look on how difficult children found the lesson

Our Target Tree | Teaching Photos At the beginning of the school year display a large tree - a 'Target Tree'. Each half term the class cuts out an apple with a personal target written on it. This is stuck onto the tree. When the target is achieved they recieve 2 merits etc. A new apple is added each half term. (This makes a very good display!)

Missing Work on a class calendar. Students take their post-it off and attach it to their late work. Good idea

The Tudors Fact Cards - Treetop Displays - Downloadable EYFS, KS1, KS2 classroom display and primary teaching aid resource

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