buffyshot: “@zoelivelovelift: @zbodyfitnessinc @zbodyfitnessinc Me as a competitive distance runner on the left and now me as a weight lifter on the right (yes my tattoo is still there, my arm is just...

Hey ladies, if someone ever tells you that weight lifting will make you look "manly" kindly tell them to fuck off and mind their own business ☺️ I lift more than a lot of men I know and yet I still look like a woman...weird how that works. ...

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Data analysts are reporting some interesting findings from the Ashley Madison data dump. For example, thousands of the female members were bots, and Canada had the highest percentage by population of accounts.

From the Cafe blog ... "When Anna made a vow to her husband, she chose to love him as Christ first loved her . . " @MoIsom Catch Mo and "In Response To The Viral Post About Anna Duggar" . . at LifeNotes . . the Cafe blog . .

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