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This vibrant colored mask of the Elephant God is made of papier mache and intricately hand painted by artisans from Orissa (east India). A vibrant addition to any living room wall. Since Lord Ganesh signifies an auspicious beginning to things, this mask is an apt gift for events such as wedding or housewarming.

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vrksa arts & crafts: warli street - indian traditional painting

Pattachitra- “The only way you can conquer me is through love and there I am gladly conquered”- RadheKrsna

Pattachitra- Proudly presenting the indigenous form of traditional art from Odisha.

The Color Caravan works with some of the 'finest' pattachitra artists from Orissa, India. This bottle has been co-created by our partner artists and The Color Caravan. It takes about 3 days to just prepare the canvas and another 7-8 days to paint & finally lacquer coat one bottle.Traditionally, stories from the Ramayana,Krishna Lila, incarnations of Lord Vishnu and Lord Jagannath are painted.This beautiful & unique piece of art makes an eye-catching showpiece. source:

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... tribal painting paintings by artist from saura tribe southern orissa

Kaliya Daman (Orissa Paata Painting on Canvas - Unframed))

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Shiva Family, South Indian Tanjore Painting on BoardTraditional Colors with 24 Karat GoldArtist: Kailash Raj

Lord Vishnu Artist: Chandrika Mysore Painting, Water Color on Paper (via Exotic India)