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Hyderabad, India.

Lambadi Torque | Andhra Pradesh, India | Circa Early 20th Century. Worn by the women of the Lambadi tribe signifying their marriage and respectability as an adult housholder

Tribal silver jewelry is also showcased by the state of Andhra Pradesh. The elegant style of jewelry like hairpins, bangles, earrings, necklaces resemble Mughal traditional ornaments. The tribal coin necklace is exclusive; the belts, chains and the metal work of Bidar, where silver is inlaid on black metal, depicts the artistry of indigenous tribes.

D'source Resources Silver Filigree - Karimnagar Karimnagar silver filigree derives its name from a town called Karimnagar, district in Andhra Pradesh state. In local language, filigree is referred to as, Vendi teega pani-silver wirework. Pure silver is melted and moulded into required shapes. Since 19th Century AD, the craftsmen of Karimnagar produced rich intricate trellis made by twisting silver wire, which referred as Jaali. It is believed that silver filigree craft was adopted from…

[Flower motif] Silver, India Description This silver ring comes from Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) where the floral and animal motives are appreciated. Size:8,2 adaptable Weight:25,3gr

South India - 1Muslim Lady and Child, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, 1921 (Maynard Owen Williams).A lot of heavy jewellery (silver?) including an armband over a full sleeved blouse. I think the lady is wearing a sari. The child’s silk tunic is of a kind common at the time.

India | Lambadi woman, near the town of Turur. Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad District. 1948 | ©SOAS, Nicholas Haimendorf

India - Andhra Pradesh | Telegu girl wearing a silver cache-sexe plate, modesty plate, in the shape of a yoni or leaf of the sacred fit tree. | Image taken from "Traditional Jewelry of India" by Oppi Untracht, page 90

Book Excerptise: A Jewelled Splendour: The Tradition of Indian ...