The simplest things are always the hardest. Like waiting for 15 more minutes for someone who is stuck in traffic. Or switching the light off before going to bed (oh my god, my husband and me fight over who should be the last one to switch the light off). Or toasting bread - TEDIOUS for me, even with a toaster! And if you’re a parent, I know things are harder. A trip to the grocery store can take a few hours - even if it’s only salt you are looking to buy. Changing into a dress to head out is…

When celebrities advocate something, it surely gets everybody's attention. That's the power of being a B-town queen. Over and over again, Bollywood actresses have broken the stereotype. They have come out bravely and spoken about the harsh reality that Indian women face today. Some may dismiss them as feminists, but don't you think that's the need of the hour? Check out ten Bollywood actresses who are proud of being women and inspire us to love ourself.

Their name is enough for the world to know who they are. But these Bollywood celebrities just had to go a step further. With quirky descriptions on Twitter, the Twitterati tell their followers just how they'd like to be known. From calling themselves dreamers to achievers, some are brutally honest and some, downright hilarious! Check out what your favourite celebrity has to say about himself.

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