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15 minutes to clean the world. this is a call to do more Food Design, and less food waste. Watch the video here: http://francesca-zampollo.com/15-minutes-to-clean-the-world-food-design-not-food-waste/

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Food Design Travel Note: Vegan Ramen in Tokyo, Japan! Ramen are conquering the world, and they are delicious! But what about those of us who are vegan and vegetarian? I've found a little place who won awards for its vegan ramen! Watch my experience here: http://francesca-zampollo.com/vegan-ramen-in-tokyo/

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The Food Design Target! This is my Food Design tool that visualises the aspects influencing the eating experience, and those the food designers should design! Whether you're a chef creating a new dish, or whether you are a designer designing food products, or pots and pans, or entire restaurants, or cafes of food trucks, this can guide your thinking =) Watch here: http://francesca-zampollo.com/the-food-design-target-a-visualisation-of-design-opportunities/

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Food Design Service Review on the Lego Cafe in Seoul, South Korea! Disappointment! it turns out you have to BUY the legos! Here are tips for Restaurant Design and Cafe design. Watch here: http://francesca-zampollo.com/lego-cafe-in-seoul-south-korea/

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FREE and LIVE Food Design Webinars! =) join us to meet the heroes of Food Design! the experts, the food designers, the food innovators and the big thinkers =) Join the webinars here: http://onlineschooloffooddesign.org/courses/free-webinars

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Narita International Airport (NRT) (成田国際空港)

Oxygen Bar in Tokyo! Yes please! I'll try that! =) Food Design Travel Note. Watch here: http://francesca-zampollo.com/oxygen-bar-in-tokyo-food-design-or-not/

Food Design Service Review: Watch my video review here: http://francesca-zampollo.com/a-dog-cafe-in-seoul/

Food Design TRAVEL Note: I discovered Articiocco, a wonderful vegan restaurant in my very own hometown Loreo, in Italy. It was a beautiful surprise to see good people with good ideas in a forgotten area of italy =) Watch the video here: http://francesca-zampollo.com/articiocco-a-wonderful-surprise-in-my-hometown/

What is Food Design? Who is the Food Designer? Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdBiVR67p-Q&t=1s

the Titanic first class menu! a Food Design Travel Note =) Watch here: http://francesca-zampollo.com/the-titanic-first-class-menu/

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