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The Eagle - my required reading in the '60s. Much of Frank Hampson's visionary imagery was way ahead of even todays design.


British Comic Art: October 2010

Don Harley provides the cover of the latest issue of the Dan Dare-inspired comic Spaceship Away.


In Review: Spaceship Away Issue 32

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Looks like your electrosphere primary accelerator's gone, mate: Classic car-repair manual publisher produces nuts and bolts guide to comic hero Dan Dare's spaceships

The Anastasia: The new manual from Haynes gives an insight into the technology that powered Dan Dare's personal spacecraft, the Anastasia,


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Dan Dare! appeared on the cover of the first issue of the weekly comic strip magazine, Eagle, on 14 April 1950. The Eagle's founder, the Rev John Marcus Harston Morris, was vicar of the Southport church of St James at the time. It had scale models of spaceships, and models in costume as reference for the artists. The New Adventures of Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future aired five times a week on Radio Luxembourg for five years from 2 July 1951.

Frank Hampson's Dan Dare - Last Hero Before the Anti-Heroes