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Cheese Sauce, Basic Cheese Sauce Recipe For Pasta

This Cheese Sauce is a marvelous addition to any Pasta dish! With its gooey texture, cheesy flavour and aesthetic touch of pepper, it transforms the pasta into an exciting culinary creation.

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Stuffed Bhavnagri Chillies, Bharela Moong Dal Marcha

These delectable moong dal stuffed chillies can double up as elegant starters and also make a great side vegetable when served with dal and rice. Bhavnagri chillies are a large variety of mild green chillies. You can substitute these chillies with capsicum if you like!

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Paneer and Corn Croquettes

Paneer and Corn Croquettes by Tarla Dalal An ideal starter to trigger your guests' gastronomic juices!

Bread Poha, Veg Bread Poha

Who does not love Poha! An everyday food of Maharashtrians, Poha is loved all over the country and often enjoyed as a breakfast of snack. Here, the regular Poha recipe has been adapted for bread cubes. A traditional tempering and veggies like onions, tomatoes and capsicum transform the bread cubes into a sumptuous Veg Bread Poha, which is enhanced further by the addition of peppy garam masala. Indeed, this satiating snack is something that both kids and adults will love, and it i...

Chilli Paneer Or How To Make Chilli Paneer

The Chilli Paneer Stir-Fry gets its attractive flavour from a combination of vinegar and oriental sauces like chilli and soya. Make sure you use fresh and succulent paneer to make this dish, so that it rem...

Chinese Samosa, Veg Chinese Noodle Samosa

Two all-time favourites from India and China come together to surprise you! This unique samosa is made with a filling of noodles and juicy veggies perked up with soya sauce and vinegar.

Corn, Spinach and Rice Balls ( Fun Food for Children)

An innovative snack of cooked rice, luscious sweet corn kernels and healthy spinach bound together by cheese and thick sauce, coated with batter and bread crumbs, and deep-fried till crisp. The Corn, Spinach and Rice Balls feature a perfectly crisp top layer and a luxuriously soft interior, which makes the overall effect wonderful beyond words. Indeed, a great starter for a grand meal.

Masala Aloo Subzi, Spicy Potato Vegetable

Pamper your desi streak with this Masala Aloo Subzi, which is bursting with flavour yet so easy to prepare. Everyday ingredients like chilli powder, coriander powder and lemon juice together with a simple tempering of jeera perk up the potato strips, transforming them into a really spicy treat.

Hakka Noodles, Chinese Hakka Noodle

An all time favourite! Hakka Noodles tossed with garlic and vegetables or any other ingredients of your choice like mushrooms etc.

Burmese Khowsuey

Burmese Khowsuey recipe | Khow Suey Recipe | by Tarla Dalal | | #4953