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Folding Bike Reviews

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ALLEN SPORTS URBAN X FOLDING BIKE REVIEW --- Designed in Massachusetts, USA, the Allen Sports Urban X Folding Bike is a fantastic mid-range and lightweight folding bicycle which offers great riding stability thanks to its larger 451mm wheel size and stiff frame. It’s one of the lightest bikes we’ve ever reviewed but unfortunately, remains rather bulky when folded which could be a deal-breaker for many. READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE:

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The Hasa SRAM F2 folding bicycle is a fantastic budget folding bike which is most suitable for the casual bike rider. With an adjustable telescopic handlebar post, high-quality tires, included fenders, kickstand and a rear bike rack as standard, it puts certain other more expensive folding bikes to the test. READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE: #foldingbike #bicyclereview #foldingbike365 #review

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The Schwinn Loop 20-Inch (Previously known as the Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike) is an entry level folding bicycle which offers rock-solid construction along with quick and easy unpacking and a relatively pleasurable riding experience. The bike is let down buy its excessive weight but it more than makes for it with its low price and design quality as a whole. The Schwinn Loop 20″ is perhaps the most popular sub $300 folding bike currently on the market.

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The weirdly stylish 27-speed Montague Paratrooper Pro, is a full-size folding mountain bike initially designed and built solely for the military from a grant issued by the Pentagon. The Paratrooper Pro lives up to its name and is built to military precision; the bike has been made to withstand the impact of being dropped from a plane via parachute and to carry a fully equipped soldier over mountainous terrain.

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DAHON MU N360 FOLDING BIKE REVIEW --- The ultra-smooth, Dahon Mu N360 folding bike is one of Dahon’s high-end bikes and with an RRP of $1299, you’d expect it to pack a punch! The main selling point of the Nu N360 is its Continuously Variable Transmission (the NuVinci® N360™ CVT Drivetrain), which in short means that there is an infinite number of gear ratios between low and high – there are no traditional gears and therefore, no clunking of gear changes.

SUEH Q1 FOLDING FULL BIKE REVIEW --- The Sueh Q1 is a great option for people on a budget. Whilst it may not be the lightest or most feature packed bike currently available, it does have a number of great features namely a strong frame, adjustable handlebars and a Shimano 7 gear derailleur. Perfect for the casual rider but not an ideal commuter bike. Read the full review: #foldingbike #bicyclereview #review #foldingbike365

The single speed Dahon Speed Uno is the newer (and slightly heavier) version of the popular urban commuter single speed bicycle, the Mu Uno. The Speed Uno comes in at 24lbs (10.9 kg) and is one of Dahon’s lightest folding bikes. Weight is kept to an absolute minimum by using an old school rear coaster brake which allows you to slow the bike by pedalling backwards... Read the full review here:

The 7-speed Dahon Vybe C7A folding bike is an excellent entry-level folding bike which is comfortable to ride and easy to pack away. Best suited for city riders on a budget (20-inch wheels are quite small). The 2015 edition bike weighs 11.46 kg (25.26 lbs) (with previous editions being notably heavier) so it’s not the lightest bike we’ve reviewed but definitely on the better side of ‘acceptable’ range with build quality being surprisingly good for the price you pay.

Similar to the Dahon Vybe C7A, the Dahon Speed D7 is sporty, good fun to ride and very responsive, helped in ways by its stiff, hand-welded 4130 ‘chromoly Sonus‘ frame (60% stronger than high tensile steel) and improved gear range (up 37% from previous model). If you’re looking for a folding bike which ‘feels’ like you’re riding a bigger bike then the D7 is your answer.