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One reader asks, "I am nervous to announce my blog on my social media pages because I'm concerned about the judgment to follow. How did you announce your blog to "the world? Did it take you awhile to gain readers and subscribers? What did you do to entice people to want to visit your blog? I've seen that I should offer some free object of some sort but I don't have anything to offer. Do you have a social media account for the blog and for your own personal use? I'm thinking of just tying my…

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Choosing and conquering goals isn't always easy, so here's how to pick goals you'll actually accomplish, create a plan that fits into your life, and make sure that your commitment and focus see you through to the end. Get out your whiteboards, fill that coffee cup, and let's get down to business!

There are many useful tools out there for project management. One such program you can utilize to keep track of your projects is Microsoft Excel. With Excel’s free templates, you can turn your simple spreadsheets into project management charts and forms #Productivity #Excel #Templates #Lifehacks