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DIVORCE FINANCES | If you and your partner are currently divorcing then one aspect of the process you will need to deal with will be the finances, and this can often be the most stressful part of your divorce.

NO ALTERNATIVE | Here at the Family Advisory Bureau we know that circumstances aren't always what you want them to be and that you may end up representing yourself.

FINANCIAL ORDERS | The remaining financial orders that can be made upon divorce, are in relation to pensions, which are regarded as marital assets.

LIMITING COURT APPLICATIONS | Limiting the right of anyone to bring a case to Court is unusual and only rarely done.

FRIEND OR FOE | In most cases only Barristers and Solicitors are entitled to conduct Court proceedings and appear as advocates on behalf of individuals who are parties to Court cases.

GRANDPARENTS AND CONTACT | Research indicates that substantial numbers of grandparents lose all contact with their grandchildren on separation.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND LEGAL PROCEEDINGS | Social media is now an established part of our world and unfortunately we are encountering more and more people posting about their cases online.

CHISTMAS IS A CATALYST BY SUE ATKINS | This is a guest post by parenting expert Sue Atkins. Sue is an internationally recognised Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker and Author.

DIVORCE Q&A ROUND UP | Earlier this year Fink Cards started a series of Divorce Q&A chats, answering important and interesting questions that I thought some of you might find useful. The chats are hosted of course by Fink Cards and have a different selection of divorce experts answering divorce questions.

TESTIMONIALS | Here at the Family Advisory Bureau we work hard to give you the advice and help you need and we’re grateful that we’ve received some wonderful testimonials for the help we’ve given. [su_quote]Miss Ingram was very understanding of my circumstances and very conscientious and had a brilliant understanding of family law many thanks to her …